“We meet up once a month (not often enough in my opinion), a lovely little group who are getting to know each other better as the months go by. We start out by doing facial exercises which would surely give us winning marks in a gurning competition. Once we are warmed up we have a bit of chat and catch up with each other’s news, and then move on to reading amusing poetry (quite often Pam Ayres), and quotes from various well-known people which are generally relevant to things currently in the news, and always amusing. All the while Celia encourages us, chivvies us, and shows us that Parkinson’s can’t always get the better of us.

I have always been a keen singer and have found that instead of my voice getting increasingly faint I have been able to sustain a reasonable volume level, allowing me to continue with something I love – another one in the eye for Mr Parkinson! Proof of the effectiveness of Celia’s technique was demonstrated to me recently when the really quite deaf wife of a member of our group congratulated me on the clarity of my speech. That, I am quite sure, was the result of following Celia’s advice and treatment.

And to crown it all, the hour spent with Celia once a month is such fun!”

– MB, Newbury

Loud and Clear – MB