Once you have completed the four week, intensive LSVT® programme, you need to practise regularly – ideally once a day. However, it is very easy for the habit to slip, with the result that the volume and clarity of speech can deteriorate.

What is LOUD for LIFE ® ?

LOUD for LIFE® is a new web-based exercise platform created for people who have completed the four-week LSVT LOUD® speech treatment programme under the direction of LSVT® Certified Clinicians. LOUD for LIFE® is designed to help you maintain your gains, reinforce learning from LSVT LOUD® and support regular practice of the LSVT LOUD® exercises to keep your voice strong – to speak in a clear, loud voice.

Group members are encouraged to practise their long, high and low ahs and functional phrases in between LOUD for LIFE® sessions.

How often are the sessions?

LOUD for LIFE® sessions are once a week, for an hour. In the first half an hour we practise the daily exercises i.e. long, high and low ahs, and the functional phrases. In the second half we focus on conversation activities – so using your strong, clear voice and speech in everyday communication.

When are the sessions?

Wednesday at 9.30 am

How much do the sessions cost?

Your first session is free, with subsequent sessions costing £6.00. The sessions can be booked and paid for online.

I’m interested in joining…. what do I need to do next?

Please email me and I will send you a questionnaire. Once it has been filled in and returned to me, I will be in contact with further details.

LOUD for LIFE® testimonials:

LOUD for Life was eye opening for me, its showed me how much I’ve lost in volume and clarity of speech since the initial LSVT LOUD course in 2013.

Why didn’t the training last the 8 years up until today? Discipline to voice train everyday over the years fell away as Parkinson’s gnaws away at every other simple everyday ability.

I will not be giving accepting the ever diminishing loss of voice and I need the structure and support to fire up my enthusiasm and instil discipline so that I will regain that which is being stolen.

-SB, Winchester

LOUD for LIFE was a timely and most welcome opportunity to re-visit, hone and develop the lessons and techniques from the LSVT LOUD course.

If, like me, despite the best of intentions, you occasionally lapse in your LSVT LOUD practice, then you will definitely benefit from the rigour and structure of an organised class.  The LOUD for LIFE session provided practice with others in a professional but relaxed atmosphere.  

LINK HUT DO! (anag)!

– GS, Camberley

I took the LSVT course a couple of years ago with great success and the full on support within the course was an important factor in maintaining the impetus required  to effect the hard earned changes.

Unfortunately with the sudden end of the course came an equally sudden end of the support allowing PD to creep back unchecked, reversing all the progress made.

LSVT requires a life change to maintain its effectiveness. LOUD for LIFE provides that ongoing support and encouragement needed to make that life change, simply, timely and friendly.

– BL, Winchester

Having to use your voice is always helpful and if it is enjoyable, as this session was, it can only be good for you as well.

Everyone seemed very happy with what they achieved and were looking forward to the next.

– SS, Newbury

It has been quite some time since I attended the LSVT course, and it was clear from family members that the help from this course was fading and that perhaps a ‘top up’ was due, and the group session offered by Celia therefore has come at the right time.

I found that even from just one session, from comments received, that others are already reaping the benefits, in that I am practising volume , sustained levels, and a slowing down , each time I converse, making my speech clearer than previously.

– MW, Newbury

If you fight PD as I do, this LOUD for LIFE session is the only place to listen, learn and improve our speech.

The session was excellent and instructive as well as enjoyable – the key to improvement of speech is PRACTICE.

– PS, Newbury

I was delighted to take part in the recent Loud for Life session.

In my pre Parkinson’s life, speaking and talking was a tremendous part of my working day. More recently I have become the subject being talked about rather than taking part in the conversation.

Under the guidance of Celia and her fantastic methods of coaching, hopefully I will soon find my dogmatic spirit again.

I am sure the Loud for Life sessions will, in time, ensure I can take part in the conversation again rather than be the subject. This is just the follow up needed from the LSVT training.

– DNH, Basingstoke

Interested in LOUD for LIFE® ?

Please get in contact via the Contact page