I had more than a little trepidation meeting Celia for the first time not being sure what to expect and how I would ever sound like the woman I am and hoped to be. Celia is a marvellous person who put me at ease immediately with a wonderful sense of humour and was professional at the same time. She is very understanding and supportive of the trans community.

I found each session over the months to be equally mentally and physically challenging although at the same time very enjoyable and fun.  It does take time and practice and the results are absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t believe my own ears when Celia played a recording from an early session and compared it with my progress after 6 months.  I was overwhelmed and thrilled.  I could never of achieved this without the kind help and support of Celia.

I can recommend Celia wholeheartedly to anyone. It is well worth the investment in time and effort and results are incredible.

– PW, North Hampshire

Transgender Voice Feminisation – PW