I had identified a need for voice coaching and found Celia very easily through an online-search engine. I was concerned that I lived a long way from her and we would not be able to meet very often but she proposed using Skype for our weekly sessions and this worked very well. We had an initial face-to-face meeting where she recorded my voice and went through some empirical theory and exercises. This was followed by 15 weekly Skype sessions interspersed with lots of practice. We then had another face-to-face meeting where my new voice was compared with the original recording.  We were both delighted with the results.

The pace of the trans voice feminisation course and the delivery of the content worked very well for me. I could detect gradual improvements at each session and the feedback from Celia was constructive and practical. The quality of Skype calls has improved a lot also which meant we could hear and practice the subtler aspects of female speech.

I am extremely pleased with my new female voice.

CD, Gwynedd

Transgender Voice Feminisation – CD