Having begun to transition a few years ago socially and medically, I have been extremely lucky to not have to struggle too hard with many aspects of transition, except for my voice. It felt bassy and monotone and my own attempts to feminise my voice through online tutorials and transgender voice training support groups were not working and falling far short of the results that I wanted. 

In my public sector work I talk to clients over the phone every day; this my first point of contact before meeting them. My voice was immediately outing me upon meeting with customers; this was really starting to get me down, piling on the gender dysphoria. I wanted to do something about it.

I found Celia through the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Private Practice and contacted her through her website. She is lovely, she made me feel really at ease. We discussed my voice goals and the initial assessment was thorough and comprehensive. 

The process was outlined clearly, she explained the science behind voice feminisation as we proceeded so I could understand what we were doing and how it would help me reach the goal of an authentic feminised voice that I would feel comfortable with. I am extremely happy with the results and happily recommend Celia to anyone looking to feminise their voice.

Transgender Voice Feminisation – BK