I suffer from Parkinson’s disease. My voice quality and volume had deteriorated to such an extent that my family and friends could not understand me, especially on the telephone.  I became frustrated and embarrassed at having to repeat myself .

I did try to improve the quality of my speech by doing voice exercises that are available on the Internet.  Having tried them for over a month my family could not see any improvement and they could still not understand me.

A friend recommended the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) which is a four week intensive voice therapy. I contacted Celia Bacon, a well qualified speech and language therapist, about the treatment. As I was not sure whether I could cope with the intensity of the exercises, Celia kindly agreed to try it for just one week.

It was not easy and some effort has to be put into it, but after just one week my family could see progress and therefore I decided to carry on and complete the course. I am so pleased that I did continue as my family and friends can now understand me with hardly any repetitions.

Celia was so professional, so patient especially through my Parkinson’s bad days. My improvement is all due to her drive and determination to succeed.

I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services.