As a male to female trans person, I was conscious that however passable or convincing I could make my female appearance, the final and essential change I would need to achieve was my voice. I was aware that, in public, all was fine until I needed to speak and then the big incongruity in my attempt to present as female would reveal itself. I was lucky enough to meet Celia when she gave a presentation about voice and voice therapy at a trans support group meeting.

I could not have wished for a better specialist in transgender voice therapy. Celia’s attention to detail and the nuances of male and female speech patterns and characteristics has helped me to make dramatic and effective changes to my voice and speech. It is difficult to be completely objective about one’s own voice, but using digital voice analysis software as part of the transgender voice lessons, one can listen back to recorded voice exercises, readings of text and free-form speech as the sessions progress. I knew that my new female voice was achievable, when, during a session with Celia, she played a recording of my voice and I thought to myself, “who is that woman speaking?”

Thanks to Celia’s patient and expert support, I am now confidently living my life with the voice I had hoped and aimed to achieve. Dealing with shop, restaurant or hotel staff as well as business meetings and even some public speaking is all approached with confidence and assurance now, and any inhibitions or nervousness I had in my day to day life in relation to my voice are now dispelled. Thank you Celia.

– MG, Dorset

Transgender Voice Feminisation – MG