When I decided I was going to transition I knew my height and build were going to make things difficult. I wanted to get a head start on anything I thought would help whilst I waited for hormone treatment. I found Celia’s website when looking for a voice coach but wasn’t ready to start at the time. Later I received a recommendation from one of Celia’s clients via a forum I was on. That was the push I needed. If that is the push you need, I can say right now you won’t regret making your voice journey with Celia.

I was comfortable with Celia from the start because she was professional but instantly friendly and put me at ease. That relationship grew over the time I worked with Celia. She is a lovely person and has been my biggest supporter from before my social transition to now living and working as my true self. Celia has been a huge part of that journey through giving me the tools to find my female voice, to being a massively encouraging, helpful and affirming ally.

I find the Sing and See software Celia uses so helpful. To have software that gives you instant feedback so you can put the work in on your own is invaluable. You can try and get through the sessions without too much solo work (believe me I tried), but ultimately there is no substitute for putting the time in. Celia is very good at guiding and correcting you when you are together, but you won’t train your brain and make your new voice feel natural without putting in the solo effort, which is where the software is so useful.

Celia really helped with timings for sessions to accommodate my work schedule. She made sure we could keep the work going, and I will be eternally grateful to Celia for being so flexible. I wouldn’t have got to the happy place I’m at now without her.  

Over the course of my life, I’ve had several people comment on my voice and not in a complimentary way. It was low and flat and sounded very dull. Now, apart from the pitch, I have a much lighter and expressive voice which I’m very, very happy with.

I can’t recommend Celia highly enough for her skill and knowledge; for her way of working; for her flexibility; and for her kindness and allyship I’ve not found anywhere else. Finding a feminine voice can be such a big and helpful step towards your goal. If you decide to take it, I can’t imagine anyone better than Celia to take it with.

Transgender Voice Feminisation – LO’C