“I was initially impressed with the work carried out by Celia some 4 -5 years ago when I first attended classes she was running for those with Parkinson’s in the Basingstoke area. At these monthly classes it was pretty obvious that she has a special talent for knowing when to cajole, persuade, encourage and often comfort Patients, (albeit of differing stages) of Parkinson’s to ensure they maintained and often improved their communication skills. This took some real talent and ability which is something Celia has in spades.

At the start of the recent pandemic Celia was one of the first to come forward to see how she could make use of more modern technology by conducting joint meetings over the Zoom platform. She embraced the chance to continue with her Parkinson’s patients and relished in the technical challenges that work like this could offer. So much so that she decided to carry out some of this work pro bono for which the Basingstoke Parkinson’s are very grateful.

A couple of years ago due to an extended period in hospital, my voice and medical condition deteriorated significantly and as a result I was losing confidence in my ability to talk and communicate. Celia explained the work she has been and currently is doing as an exponent of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) and how with significant work and effort on my part this would seem to be the best option for me. The course/treatment is originally planned for a month but due to my health this had to be extended to nearly 2 months. Celia was excellent during this period and despite all the extra work refused to accept more remuneration than which had already been agreed. The quality of instruction and detail, all of which was individually tailored to me was nothing short of outstanding. I was particularly impressed again with her ability to gauge when I needed rest or encouragement to continue. And make no mistake Celia with her drive and determination for her patients to succeed becomes infectious but a word of warning she is a hard task master and continually drives one to succeed. Similarly, she has the ability to know exactly when to take the pressure off.

More recently she has developed weekly via Zoom “Loud for Life” classes, where employing some of the LSVT techniques she coaches those Parkinson’s patients who have the desire to maintain as much of a voice as is possible. She continues to amaze me with the energy and drive she puts into every class.

I am fully aware of my own health issues and the future outcome I can expect. I can say with definite certainty that without the help and encouragement of Celia I would have stopped talking a year or so ago. For this support, which was and is way beyond the small remuneration she charges I and my family remain extremely grateful.

I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend Celia to anyone who requires Speech and Language Therapy.”

– DH, Basingstoke