IDDSI is the recognised abbreviation for the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative and has been formally adopted by both the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and The Association of UK Dietitians (BDA).

It was published in November 2015 and is a global standardised framework which provides terminology and definitions for texture modified foods and thickened liquids.  Currently the descriptors for the thickness of food and drinks can vary from one nursing home to the next – for example, some use the descriptor ‘syrup’ whilst others call it ‘stage 1’.  The goal of IDDSI is that regardless where one is in the world, the descriptors will be the same.  Therefore, if someone from UK who has thickened drinks and modified consistency food travels to another country and is admitted to hospital, medical staff will immediately know the correct consistency to give.

IDDSI implementation started in some CCGs in April 2018, with some nursing homes being advised that their local acute hospitals will now be assessing and discharging patients on the new IDDSI levels. And in addition that initial assessments of nursing home residents, and reviews of nursing home residents who are currently on modified food and /or fluids will also now result in IDDSI compliant recommendations.

IDDSI-compliance readiness across, and even within, brands is variable with some being compliant now and others planning to be so in early 2019.  In many nursing homes a number of different thickeners are used with some being IDDDSi compliant and others not, which will result in staff needing to use two sets of descriptors. The descriptors for food have also changed.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • To learn about the IDDSI framework
  • To know the rationale for its introduction
  • To know the different levels of food and fluids and how they compare to the current national descriptors
  • To know when different thickeners will become IDDSI compliant
  • How to ensure that food is the correct consistency.
  • To have the opportunity to discuss with other delegates how the nursing home will manage the transition, signposting them to additional sources of information and sharing resources produced by Vox Humana.

Who should attend?

All staff in care and nursing homes working with residents including managers, clinical leads, nurses, chefs, team leaders and care staff.

Course details

Duration: 1 hour                                             Cost: £95

Location: On site                                            Motor mileage at 45p per mile

Maximum delegates per session: 12

What’s included?

Attendance certificates and course notes.

Summary provided of feedback from delegates.

A range of resources prepared by Vox Humana to help care and nursing homes with the transition to IDDSI.

What others have said after attending Vox Humana’s IDDSI Awareness session:

“Really useful session. Feel much more confident about the changes than I did before the session.”

– Nurse, Andover

“Very good, detailed information shared which is very helpful.”

– Team Lead, Basingstoke

“Useful information as it was very confusing when the levels were introduced.”

– Nurse, Chipping Norton

“Training useful in that it gives me insight of changes to be implemented later. Reference to the charts/website useful as resource material.”

– Manager, Basingstoke

“So glad to have attended this training as I now know what is going to happen.”

– Carer, Andover

“Made the IDDSI system clear and how everyone will thicken fluids to the same level. Very helpful”

– Carer, Andover

“Celia’s courses are always very informative. She makes the facts very clear”

– Nurse, Basingtoke

“Explained IDDSI very well.”

– Nurse, Andover

“Very interesting and informative.  Thank you.”

– Chef, Andover

“Very well put together and very interesting.”

– Team Lead, Chipping Norton

“A confusing subject explained very well.”

– Nurse, Andover

Interested in the IDDSI Awareness session?

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