Eating and drinking difficulties are reported to affect between 67% and 85% of nursing home residents.  These difficulties can result in malnutrition, dehydration, difficulties taking medication, potentially life-threatening aspiration pneumonia and death.

For family and friends to learn that the consistency of the nursing home resident’s food and drink needs to be modified can be both a surprise and a mystery.  Surely a cup of tea or a biscuit can’t really cause a problem – can it?  The goal of the session is to explain what can cause swallowing problems, the potential outcome of not following the recommendations made by the speech and language therapist and how the risk of aspiration pneumonia can be reduced.



Who should attend?

Family, friends – in fact anyone who feeds, or gives food or drink, to a resident and is not employed by the nursing home.



What will be learnt?

  • The role of the speech and language therapist
  • What is dysphagia?
  • The normal swallow
  • The impaired swallow
  • Common causes of dysphagia – e.g. dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke
  • What is aspiration pneumonia?
  • How to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia
  • Tips on how to give a resident food and drink
  • Explanations of the different consistencies of food and drink
  • Advice on how to thicken drinks to the consistency recommended for the resident



Session details

Duration:    One and a half hour group session           Cost: Prices on request

Location:     On site                                                           Maximum delegates per session:  12



What others have said after attending Vox Humana’s ‘Dysphagia Information Session for Family and Friends’:


I had no idea that having the wrong consistencies of food and drink could have such a huge impact.”

TM, Andover


“Incredibly interesting and informative; I now feel so much more confident in feeding my wife.”

– RB, Winchester


“A real eye opener.”

– SV, Andover


“Outstanding! I feed my husband twice a day and now know what I need to look out for in terms of whether he might have a problem. “

WT, Winchester


Great to have had the opportunity to learn how to reduce the chances of my husband developing a chest infection.”

JP, Andover


Interested in the Dysphagia Information Session for Family and Friends?

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