Dysphagia is a difficulty with swallowing food or liquids – a process of moving food, drinks or medication from the lips to the stomach. The purpose of dysphagia awareness training for nursing homes is to provide staff with the knowledge to correctly administer food and drink to clients.

Dysphagia can result in malnutrition, dehydration, difficulties taking medication, potentially life-threatening aspiration pneumonia and death. Sadly it is not unusual for there to be news reports of someone ‘choking to death’ as a result of eating the incorrect consistency of food.

  • impacts on up to 67% of those living in a care home.
  • if a care home supports people with dementia that figure rises to 85%.
  • will result in 50% of people being malnourished
  • will result in 75% of people being dehydrated.
  • will result in 65 people dying each year in care homes as a result of being fed incorrect consistencies of food and/or drink.


Who should attend Dysphagia Awareness Training for Nursing Homes?

All staff in care and nursing homes working with residents including nurses, healthcare assistants, housekeepers and chefs.


What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understanding the normal swallow
  • What is dysphagia? Who is at risk? What are the risks and potential consequences?
  • What is aspiration? What can increase the risks and what are the warning signs?
  • Supporting residents with eating and drinking
  • Facilitating eating and drinking for residents with dementia
  • An overview of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
  • To know the different levels of food and fluids and how they compare to the current national descriptors
  • Practical sessions: making and tasting thickened drinks; feeding.


Course details

Duration: 2 hours                                            Cost: Prices on request

Location: On site                                             Maximum delegates per session: 12


What’s included in Dysphagia Awareness Training for Nursing Homes?

Pre and post training questionnaire to enable delegates to recognise the impact of the training.

Course notes.

Dysphagia Awareness Training for Nursing Homes attendance certificates for CPD

Summary provided of feedback from delegates.



“I would like to personally recommend Celia for the Dysphagia awareness training she provides.

It is informative, fun and detailed.  Celia is an excellent person centred trainer, she knows her subject and is a first class educator in this most important subject.”  

Iain Slack, General Manager, Arbory Nursing Home Andover

Our organisation has used Celia Bacon as our preferred trainer for several years.  

Celia is knowledgeable, professional and approachable and very experienced in her field.  The course content is very well planned and presented and is a good mixture between theory and practice.

I would thoroughly recommend this training. “

– Jenny Martin, Matron/Manager, Millway House Nursing Home, Andover


What others have said after attending Vox Humana’s ‘Dysphagia Awareness Training’:

“Practical feeding session a real eye opener and an excellent teaching tool”

-Nurse, Fleet


“Practical sessions were interesting and opened up mind and opinion about feeding residents – thank you.”          

– Healthcare Assistant, Worthing


“I learnt a lot; very informative; interesting and now well-informed; This is undoubtedly one of the best training sessions I have ever been to.  Thank you.” 

Nurse, Sonning


“Great training. Celia knows how to keep the people attending interested; explained with case studies.  Fun and eye-opening activities.”

– Nurse, Virginia Water


“Excellent explanation about dysphagia.  Enjoyed the practical session.”

Chef, Whitchurch


“Very engaging training and delivered in a fun but insightful way. Able to gain a lot of insight into some small changes we can make which will have a huge impact on our residents”

– Nurse, Beaconsfield


“Thoroughly enjoyed.  This will undoubtedly will bring an increased awareness of the importance of ensuring that residents are fed with respect and dignity.  Very interactive session.  Thank you” 

Nurse, Bournemouth


“This has increased my confidence in feeding and giving drinks to residents.”

– Healthcare Assistant, Winchester


“Celia ensured that this was a fun and enjoyable course as well teaching us about dysphagia”

Housekeeper, Bournemouth


“Lots of energy in this session which was very nice to see.” 

– Nurse, Worthing


“Every member of staff should attend this training.”

– Nurse, Winchester


Interested in the Dysphagia Awareness Training for Nursing Homes?

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