Dysphagia is a difficulty with swallowing food or liquids – a process of moving food, drinks or medication from the lips to the stomach.  The purpose of dysphagia awareness training is to provide care agency staff with the knowledge to correctly administer food and drink to clients.

Dysphagia can result in malnutrition, dehydration, difficulties taking medication, potentially life-threatening aspiration pneumonia and death.

It is reported that 69% of people admit not taking prescribed medication as they find the tablets difficult to swallow.

A member of a care agency team may be the only person a client sees, and recognising a potential swallowing problem, and the GP being alerted, could result in the client avoiding developing a chest infection and being admitted to hospital.


Who should attend Dysphagia Awareness Training?

All staff involved in caring for clients.


What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understanding the normal swallow
  • What is dysphagia? Who is at risk? What are the risks and potential consequences?
  • What is aspiration? What can increase the risks and what are the warning signs?
  • Different consistencies of food and drink
  • Facilitating eating and drinking for residents with dementia
  • Safe mealtimes; what do they involve?
  • Practical sessions; making and tasting thickened drinks; feeding


Course details

Duration: One and a half hours                           Cost: Prices on request 

Location: On site                                                   Maximum delegates per session: 12


What’s included?

Pre and post training questionnaire to enable delegates to recognise the impact of the training.

Course notes.

Dysphagia Awareness Training attendance certificates for CPD.

Summary provided of feedback from delegates.


What others have said after attending Vox Humana’s ‘Dysphagia Awareness Training for Care Agency Staff’:


“Very informative.”

Care Agency team member, Totton



“Outstanding trainer.”

– Care Agency team member, Lymington


Very interesting.”

– Care Agency team member, Southampton



Good trainer.

– Care Agency team member, Lymington


“I enjoyed the training.”

– Care Agency team member, Totton


Very important subject.”

– Care Agency team member, Southampton


Interested in Dysphagia Awareness Training for Care Agency Staff?

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